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In the eyes of the world’s friends who once set foot in Vietnam even once, this place attracts them because of the overwhelming beauty of the landscape and a long-standing culture rich in national identity. From all over this land, you can see a green color of fruit trees and rice fields spilling upstream from the mountains to the coast. Soon the sunshine rose like the top of the fields, and the pagodas that were halfway to the top of the towering mountain peaks pointed to the radiant horizon of the windy sea boats to go fishing. With the edge of the colorful land of half a hundred ethnic brothers, the abundance of nature bestowed on the coast and the most beautiful continental shelf in the world. Dotted the long white beaches of sand dunes are coconut trees, casuarina ridges shady and cool even the most intense sunshine.

Stretching down to the Equator but Vietnam has the natural conditions of climate and monsoon differences between the North and South. A cold and wet winter characterized the North in contrast to the atmosphere to welcome Tet to spring to warm in the South. It not only created the green and green tea hills, but the rice fields also straightened to the stork wings or spread the sight of the bamboo ramparts around the village. In addition to these are human ways, vibrant cultural tones also become diverse in each region. For many generations, sticking to rice, bamboo also molded the class of Vietnamese people who suffered hardships. Or in the struggle for national construction and defense, Vietnam is a community that binds glue and people who know Vietnam as a peace-loving nation.

However, overcoming all is the skillful manners, with open love to welcome four-way friends to the country, Vietnamese spirit.

Going to the South of the National Council, though walking between the Hai Van Pass separated by the Truong Son Range for a long time of resistance, or walking around the busy rivers and streams in the West, everywhere you see friendly smiles. It is the origin of the great West, a majestic, thousands of rivers and streams. It is a dreamland of highland and Da Lat flower city. It is the gentleness on the Huong River, the great dreams of Hanoi. Whether wearing a private brocade or a traditional long dress, it still captivates the people who come by their feet.

Going through the most painful and distant places, the North welcomes friends with the deep space of a dark day. The implications of haughty discreetness, gentle gentleness strides are gradually standing between Eastern and Western cultural interactions. Preserving the culture of thousands of years of civilization for Hanoi capital is also a typical feature that makes tourists come to Vietnam. Here the sculpted reliefs on the royal dragon’s castle yard are also subtle, a mossy house also has a change of shape, a lilting voice in the hammock makes sweet summer sultry lunch, The walls of the old townhouses every day more inclined. All are shown in a very precious painting but are folded in a museum that has not been restored.

If you walk to the cultural stage, someone will also visit the temple and monument and bathe the soul in the pure air. The sound of the gong is regular, the vigorous vows at the door of the meditation hall are also liberation for the soul. Here, in Viet Nam, welcoming you with rich products, it will be the ephemeral life between the fasting life but the practice of enlightened Buddhism. Almost the most obvious beliefs that you should feel with your soul are the pilgrimage pilgrimages during the Vietnamese Lunar New Year to spring. The miserable life will gradually be washed and forgiven by the sermon ignorance, the emperor. It is also liberation and relief of psychological burden in the spiritual culture and beliefs of the Vietnamese people. A beautiful Vietnam rich with rare natural features and rich cultural identity always invites you. Four-way friends with both enthusiasm and hospitality. On all aspects of cultural exchanges, Vietnamese people are always highly appreciated by the long history itself during the process of building a friendly friendship. Along with the journey to welcome the civilized gateways of the world, young Vietnamese also gradually formed national pride when they really loved their homeland.

Loving deeply our country, our website is created to bring to everyone, whether Vietnamese or from anywhere in the world, the most objective view of the country. Vietnam, from the natural beauty, the beauty of Vietnamese people’s souls, the richness of a rustic cuisine to thousands of other unique experiences in Vietnam, so that we can love the beloved S-shaped land more.

Dear those who love Vietnam with love.