Ba Vi cuisine (Part 2)


Ba Vi cuisine is very rich and diverse, especially favored by nature, Ba Vi has all kinds of delicacies of mountains, rivers, and streams, but the most famous is milk from cows raised in the site. The camp below is the famous specialty of Ba Vi for your reference.

Fresh milk, yogurt, milk cake

In addition to large and modern dairy farms, in Ba Vi there is now a replication of household husbandry model under strict production process. So if you go to Ba Vi without taking advantage of a cup of fresh cow’s milk and goat milk at shops along Route 32, the Lang Hoa Lac route … is extremely unfortunate. Drink a glass of fresh milk here, you clearly feel the fat, aromatic, sweet or slightly characteristic of milk. If unfamiliar, it may be difficult to drink at first, but if you’ve tried it a few times, you’re addicted to it all the time.


At the stalls selling milk, in addition to fresh milk, there is yogurt and other dairy products like caramel. Yogurt here is naturally made directly from fresh milk when eaten. It will see porosity, soft, flexible in each spoon, sour taste is also very soft. The homemade yogurt taste in Ba Vi area is so unique and delicious that many people. After tasting 1, 2 boxes, must buy some small boxes to return as gifts for people at home.

Goat's yogurt is a popular favorite when coming to Ba Vi.
Goat’s yogurt is a popular favorite when coming to Ba Vi.

Ba Vi milk cake is also one of the gifts that anyone who set foot on this land also wants to taste. The delicious, soft taste of milk and butter along with the high nutritional content of whole milk. It gives a feeling of greatness to the mouth.

Fragrant caramel
Fragrant caramel

Ba Vi milk pudding is divided into several types with typical flavors of Tan mountain. These are white milk cake, light milk cake, chocolate milk cake, chocolate light milk cake. The sweet, aromatic flavor of the milk cake is very catchy, especially when enjoying the hot cup of tea.

Ba Vi milk cake
Ba Vi milk cake

Hill Chicken in Bavi

Ba Vi is a mountainous district with a cool climate, a large area of hill gardens, a “golden” terrain for raising hens and chickens. Not only is it confined to limiting the breeding space and chicken breeds. Chicken of Ba Vi hill is a variety of types such as sugarcane chicken, chicken rice. Chicken is free to eat to help the chicken firm and delicious.


With the advantage of many hilly areas and low mountains, there are many hill chicken farms. Chicken hills in Ba Vi are nurtured in ideal climatic conditions, according to the free-grazing method in the garden. So chicken meat is firm, fragrant and delicious. Chicken Ba Vi hill is made into a lot of different dishes such as boiled chicken, chicken hotpot, chicken mannequin.

Ba Vi Hill Chicken is graded according to the model of households, concentrating. With a room for disease prevention, hill, delicious chicken with a characteristic yellow color.

chicken meat

duck meat

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