Crab blood pudding (tiet canh) – The unique dish in Phu Quoc


In addition to the beautiful natural landscapes, the diversity of cuisine is one of the most attractive factors for Phu Quoc tourists. There are countless delicious and strange dishes, have you ever heard of Crab blood pudding dishes? “Crab Blood pudding”, listening to the name is strange, isn’t it? But it is a specialty of this Phu Quoc people.

Why is “Crab blood pudding”?

Crab blood pudding from birth? There is a story that almost all Phu Quoc people memorize. Previously, during long sea trips of fishermen, when fresh water was used to drink on shallow boats, it was not possible to return or visit Hon Khoai island to get water. Therefore, people often break their crabs, catch the fluid inside to drink. Residents have discovered that the salty, sweet taste in crabs is easier to drink than seawater, not fishy.

Later, in the journey to find strange dishes, they remembered this fluid in the crab’s body, and the crab soup was born from there. To eat this special dish first we have to prepare in advance the ingredients from another crab because crabs cannot precipitate like duck’s blood pudding and pig blood pudding.

Making crab blood pudding requires dexterity
Making crab blood pudding requires dexterity

What is “Crab”?

Crab is boiled when boiled in a little wine … to sweeten crab meat. When the crab is ripe, remove each crab’s lean piece, put it in a plate to cool, and then mix it with spices to make it rich; mix a little coriander, perilla, finely chopped basil and have a few cinnamon leaves to reduce the concentration taste of crab.

The next most important step is to cut carbs. Crabs used to make soup are necessarily sea crabs, and should choose those with bricks, then discuss the new juicy crab soup and full of supplements when eating. In order to have enough to make a plate of regular crab soup, people We need three to four large crabs, about seven to eight hundred grams each, to one kilo. The crab is alive, washed thoroughly, and then tied the string tightly into four bundles. Use sharp scissors to cut sweetly one turn. The white crabs from the legs still flowed straight down to the prepared crab plate, initially flowing into small rays, then kept flowing until the end.

Crab meat to make Crab Blood Pudding is carefully separated
Crab meat to make Crab Blood Pudding is carefully separated

In crabs with bricks, take the tiles from the crabs to the next disc after the crabs. The part of the crab is always mixed with water, when the weather is frozen, the water floating on the face must be cleverly using a spoon to dry it out, then sprinkle it on cilantro, peanut roasted peanuts. The blood of agglomerated crabs looks like jelly.

Crab blood pudding is a specialty dish that is not everyone knows.
Crab blood pudding is a specialty dish that is not everyone knows.

If you have the opportunity to go to Phu Quoc, do not waste the opportunity to taste the strange and strange taste of this dish. Soft crab meat mixed with crab blood, in addition to the fat sweetness of crab bricks, gives us a mixture: salty, sweet crisp that makes it easy to imagine the times on the beach we eat boiled crabs but the mouth and hands still water sea.

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