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The Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam according to the lunar calendar is the full moon day of August every year. This has become a children’s day. Children are looking forward to welcoming this Tet because they are often given toys by adults, usually star lights, masks, light-emitting lamps, heights, … and eating scones, flexible cakes.

Mid-Autumn Festival is mid-autumn, Mid-Autumn Festival as the name comes to us in the middle of autumn ie into the full moon (15th) of the lunar August. No one knows when the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival begins There is also no data that clearly states the origin of this full-moon festival in August. Many people believe that this is a cultural feature imported from China during the time when Vietnam was possessed by the North of China.

In the night of the 15th of the 8th month of the lunar year, when the full moon shines, the sacrifice of the moon begins. On the altar with fruits, moon cake is also called “union member”, because, on this occasion, the whole family has the opportunity to reunite to eat bread and enjoy the clear moonlight and vote. The warm atmosphere of the full moon night comes to every home.

Watching the moon

Moon watching starts from the moon worship. At the time of Duong’s life, watching the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival became very popular, manifesting much in this poetry. But in Tong’s lifetime, the moon viewing festival officially became the Mid-Autumn Festival. The custom of eating moon cake (scones, flexible cake) during the Mid-Autumn Festival also started from this time.

"Moon" cake eating and watching the Moon in Mid-Autumn Festival
“Moon” cake eating and watching the Moon in Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is a children’s festival. From the beginning of the month, Tet has been prepared with colorful lights, with various shapes, with flexible cakes and baked goods that we call moon cakes, with toys of children like all things, Among them the most significant of the ancient times was Mr. Dr. Paper.

Enjoy Moon cake

This special dish has long been an indispensable traditional dish in every Mid-Autumn Festival. Eat the piece of cakes, also have to watch the moon, drink tea and chat with a friendly story to deepen the connection between people and people.

Once eating moon cake, you must have to drink it with green tea
Once eating moon cake, you must have to drink it with green tea

The composition of moon cake includes many layers, ingredients such as bread crust, bread, lotus seed, sausage, jam, lemon leaf … Only all the flavors can be felt when we eat the cake slowly with a Serious soul state beside the teapot. At that time, we can feel the aromatic and chewy aroma of the crust, the sweet and sweet sweetness of the squash, bite the lotus seed piece and we will see the aroma and the smell, or the characteristic flavor of lemon leaf … All makes The enjoyment of moon cake becomes an art. especially for traditional moon cake products, fresh cakes.

Mooncake has many tastes
Mooncake has many tastes

Procession of lamps

Children welcome Tet with lanterns, star lights, colorful animal lights, pulling each other to sing happily and darkly together in the street and alley. And when the full moon came, there was a lion dance with drumming, and the sound was very noisy. On this occasion, to enjoy the moon, a lot of fun events were presented. Adults have fun for adults, children have fun for children.

Children play moonlights together
Children play moonlights together

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, people presented with a moon cake, hanging flowers, dancing, and singing, lion dance very jubilantly. Many places have competitions for making cakes and competitions for women. Children have light pickups and many places have light fixtures. Many families present their own tables for children and in the old trays, there is often a doctor of paper set in the most beautiful high place, surrounded by fruit cakes. After playing the moon-watching game, the children broke the deck together, that is to eat the tray at night.

After playing the moon-watching game, the children broke the deck together, that is to eat the tray at night with their families
After playing the moon-watching game, the children broke the deck together, that is to eat the tray at night with their families

Drums Singing (Trong Quan Singing)

The Mid-Autumn Festival in the North also has the custom of singing drums. Sometimes the male and female sing and reply to each other, beating on a barbed wire or steel wire on an empty barrel, letting out the sounds of “thumping” as the rhythm for the song. Singing songs (singing in rhyme, discretionary) or singing riddles are sometimes available, sometimes when new songs are sung. The confrontation in the drums singing is very fun and sometimes difficult because of dangerous puzzles. Boys and girls use drumming style to sing in full moon nights, especially in the full moon in August. Boys and girls sing and talk to each other just to have fun and to choose you for hundreds of years.

Drums Singing (Trong Quan Singing) in the Mid-Autumn Festival
Drums Singing (Trong Quan Singing) in the Mid-Autumn Festival

Lion dancing

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, there is a Lion dance. The Vietnamese especially organized the Tu Tu dance during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Lion symbolizes auspiciousness.

The Lion dance group normally consisted of a person wearing a unicorn head with paper and dancing the gestures of this animal to the drum beat. The head has a long tail made of colored cloth by a wielding person following the rhythm of unicorn dance. In addition, there are also la, baht brain, colored lights, five-colored flags, some people hold tapered heads to protect the unicorns… Ðám Dancing Lân goes ahead, the children and adults follow. In these days, in the houses, there are usually prizes in cash on high for the children to climb up and get.

 Lion dancing attracts many people to watching
Lion dancing attracts many people to watching

Children often invite each other to dance to the Lion earlier, from the 7th of the 8th month and to buy the fun without the purpose of awarding. However, someone who loves still calls them to give money. In addition to the meaning of playing for children and adults, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also an opportunity for people to watch the moon to predict the harvest and destiny of the nation. If the moon is yellow, then the year will hit the silkworm season, if the autumn moon is blue or green, the year will have a natural disaster, and if the moon rises in bright orange, then the country will prevail.

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