Da Lat cuisine – Jams and strawberry (Part 1)


If asked what makes people fall in love with Da Lat, there will be many answers. Da Lat’s air is clean, you just want to move up here. Because of the scenery of thousands of dreamy flowers, it was once again lost in the clouds. This place is associated with memories of the trip to Da Lat with special people. Or simply, by going to Da Lat, never have to think about buying anything in Da Lat to bring back as a gift. Just go sightseeing, take a walk, so there is a list of gifts that people enjoy. Let us suggest what you should buy in Da Lat.


Dalat jam is the perfect choice for those who love sweets
Da Lat jam is the perfect choice for those who love sweets

Da Lat was fun as a miniature paradise of jam. Visiting Da Lat market, it is likely that visitors will be overwhelmed by a small revenue with jam of all kinds, colors, and flavors. Da Lat jam is delicious, easy to store and bring back. So many tourists choose to make gifts after the trip to Da Lat.

With more than 30 types of jam with all kinds of different processing: From strawberries, there are dried strawberries, mint strawberries. From plums, there are plums, plum plums, plum plums. If you are still wondering what to buy as a gift when you come to Da Lat, you should visit Da Lat market on the 1st floor, Phu Dong Thien Vuong, Mai Anh Dao streets, or Camp Ham area on Hung Vuong street, or simply Visit L’ang Farm to choose delicious jams, bring some Da Lat to the city.



Having traveled to Da Lat, any visitor would not miss the opportunity to visit the strawberry gardens. You will hand-picked the beautiful strawberries, round them, experience the feeling of becoming a real gardener. Da Lat strawberry attracts tourists by its delicious, sweet and beautiful. Seeing every ripe western wire in the cold weather, just want to bring Da Lat to the city to enjoy the fresh air. Da Lat strawberries are not as big and red as strawberries grown in temperate countries that have a reddish color and a soft sour taste.

Strawberry berries with petiole at the garden
Strawberry berries with petiole at the garden
Cute red Strawberry berries
Cute red Strawberry berries

Being both delicious and beautiful, strawberry will be a gift that many women enjoy. You can easily find strawberries in strawberry gardens during a trip to Da Lat or early morning to wake up. It breathes a little chilly air of Da Lat and stops by the market to buy fresh berries.

Red strawberries in every morning
Red strawberries in every morning

There are also many other interesting dishes that we will introduce in part 2 later.

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