Delicious dishes in the heart of Hanoi (Part 2)


West Lake shrimp cake (Ho Tay Shrimp cakes) – A beauty of Hanoi cuisine


Shrimp cakes have long been considered a dish that should not be overlooked when traveling to Hanoi. In particular, there is a delicious and famous shrimp cake selling point in Hanoi so that the Destination program (CNN) cannot be missed. It is Ho Tay shrimp cakes, located right at 1 Thanh Nien Road, Truc Bach, Ba Dinh District (Hanoi). What is the reason why this dish is so noticed, we will give you the answer in the article below?

Like Pho Hanoi, shrimp cakes started popular since the 1930s, when many street vendors gathered along Thanh Nien Street, a road separating West Lake and Truc Bach Lake.

Ho Tay Shrimp Cake Restaurant is located on Thanh Nien Street    
Ho Tay Shrimp Cake Restaurant is located on Thanh Nien Street

The restaurant has a super nice view overlooking the windy West Lake and also possesses a spacious and airy space. In addition to the famous fried shrimp cakes near and far, the restaurant also serves many other delicious dishes, from appetizers to soups, spring rolls to main dishes such as lobster, crab, crab, hotpot, porridge, rice, noodles.

When the area became crowded and famous, the state gathered up stalls and opened a large restaurant along the river. Ho Tay shrimp cakes began to be noticed since then and became a fixed store on Thanh Nien Road until today.

So, what’s special about Ho Tay shrimp cake?

The Ho Tay Shrimp Cake Restaurant, which has been operating since 1956, is the most famous shrimp cake shop handed down to today and preserved the history of unique Hanoi cuisine.


Raw materials for making shrimp cakes are not too picky. Freshwater shrimp caught from West Lake, flour, eggs. Instead of crushing shrimps into a paste-like fish cakes, this shrimp cake uses whole shrimp. Shrimp is dipped in flour with eggs added and put in a deep-frying pan until well cooked. After being finished, shrimp cakes will be fragrant, beautiful and crispy.


Shrimp cakes are often served with lettuce, herbs and a bowl of sweet and sour fish sauce. This dish is served with a few hot peppers and vinegar will taste better.

Today, Hanoi shrimp cakes have been updated popularly in luxury restaurants. Ho Tay shrimp cakes are still a popular destination whenever someone wants to enjoy a specialty of Hanoi.

“In Hanoi, if you want to eat shrimp cakes, you have to think about Ho Tay shrimp cakes” – because, for locals, Ho Tay shrimp cakes are not only a dish but also reminiscent of many old family memories.

Just enjoy the crunchy hot shrimp cake, sweet and aromatic flavor, and spicy sauce. While watching the peaceful and peaceful West Lake water, there is no more wonderful afternoon.

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