Delicious dishes in the heart of Hanoi (Part 3)


Green Rice (Young Rice)– Taste of Hanoi Autumn


Location of Vong village

No one knew that the villagers of Vong (now belonging to Dich Hau Ward, Cau Giay District) came to the craft of making Green Rice ever since, probably about hundreds of years ago. In the fall, when the rice in the village fields, the new round curling, the sun poured down the rain. The dikes cannot withstand the shattering of water, the whole field is submerged in the sea of water.

Vong village people cut young rice flowers to roast them to eat them gradually because unfortunately their efforts were destroyed by nature. And they were surprised when the roasted young rice seeds had a very unique flavor, the more interesting they were. Villagers made a noodle dish to eat and play when they arrived. The experience of making Green Rice is accumulated and transferred from one to the other. So it’s more and more green, more pliable and fragrant.

The Vong Village Green Rice crossed the scope of the village, followed the gift packages, street vendors to relatives, went to gourmets and became a specialty of the country. The autumn crop usually lasts nearly 3 months, starting from the 7th lunar month onwards.

The Vong Village
Vong Village.


There are up to the place, see firsthand to see to get the fragrant plastic Green Rice, the noodle maker must be very meticulous and meticulous. The process of making this dish must go through many stages. When the rice crop is golden, only ten days from now is reaping when the villagers choose to cut each long cotton and the grain into processing. If you want delicious rice, you must cut rice in time. At the old age, Green Rice is no longer green, hard and broken.

Young rice, sticky rice seeds into rice husk, delicious paste. Usually, rice harvested every day brings roasted and pounded that day. Roasting rice so that the fire and the grain of ripe Green Rice are not crunchy but peeling rice husk is the most difficult stage in making it. Pouring cereal with a separate mortar, gentle pacing, rhythmic, evenness and tolerance so new Green Rice is smooth and flexible.

Bring in its own flavor of Hanoi so to enjoy Green Rice, it must be very delicate. It is wrapped into two layers of leaves. The inner layer is cool and green leaves that keep the Green Rice from drying out and do not fade in the precious emerald green. The outer layer is the lotus leaf with faint aroma, high bar.

Green Rice is gaudy packages with lotus leaves
Green Rice is gaudy packages with lotus leaves.

More amazing Green Rice

To enjoy the right tune, Green Rice is often eaten with pepper bananas. Bananas are split in half or cut into short pieces, dot banana pieces into it and then chew them slowly into the mouth. At that time, we could see the sweet and fragrant taste of bananas blending with the soft taste. Sometimes the sweet flavor of the lotus leaf.


Because of the unique flavor of Green Rice, today, it is discovered and processed into many popular and famous dishes, making the unique cuisine of Hanoi.

From the past generations, the fragrant sticky rice is still embraced, cherished and sent by such ordinary people of Hanoi. So Vom village has become a special gift that Hanoi people are very proud of.

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