Discovering the Land of Ba Vi (Part 1)


Located 60 km from the center of Hanoi Capital to the northwest, Ba Vi is blessed by the nature to offer both charming and painted paintings, with rich ecosystems, diverse vegetation, considered ” Green lung “west of Hanoi capital.

Ba Vi Moutain

It also called Tan Vien Mountain belonging to Ba Vi district (Hanoi suburb) as one of the mountain groups of Vietnam.

Ba Vi mountain range consists of three rising peaks between the Northern plain, including the King’s Peak of 1,296m. Tan Vien peak is 1,227m high. Ngoc Hoa Peak is 1,131m high. Located 60 km from the center of Hanoi capital to the northwest. Ba Vi Moutain with a long and unique cultural tradition, characterized by 3 ethnic groups of Kinh – Muong – Dao with separate customs, practices and culture. Referring to Ba Vi, perhaps the first impression of visitors will be a unique folk and intangible culture. With a rich history, Ba Vi is place which has many historical and cultural relics of special value. Such as: the cluster of Thuong Temple – Trung Temple – Ha Temple; Uncle Ho Temple, K9 historical monument.

Ba Vi Ecosystem

Ba Vi region has a cool climate, fresh air. At an altitude of 400 m and 600 m, there are two famous resorts from the French colonial period. This place is blessed by nature with both charming paintings, rich ecosystems, diverse vegetation, considered “green lungs” in the West of Hanoi capital. There are many beautiful natural landscapes such as Mountain, hill, forest, waterfall, stream, river, lake along with famous landscapes. Such as Ao Vua, Khoang Xanh – Suoi Tien, Ho Tien Sa, Thien Son – Suoi Nga, Tan Da Tourist Area, Thac Da … There are many rural farms, many rich agricultural products.

Old trees
Old trees

Visitors can visit Ba Vi National Park, climb the mountain peaks like the top of King, Tan Vien peak, and Ngoc Hoa peak. From here, you can observe a vast plain with fields, cities, villages, and rivers. The Da river stream winds around the foot of the mountain in the West, the vast Suoi Hai lake spreads out, thus creating a charming landscape.

Ba Vi Mountain looks from the lake
Ba Vi Mountain looks from the lake
The Da River looks from the Ba Vi Mountain
The Da River looks from the Ba Vi Mountain

Ngoc Nhi Stork Sanctuary

Ngoc Nhi Stork Hill is located on a hill in Ngoc Nhi village, Cam Linh commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi. From Suoi Hai Lake, the road is very convenient, there are many cool trees in the forest where visitors can rest.

Hill has an area of about 3.5 hectares of Phung Doai’s family and his son Phung Cong Hoc. Local people said that in the past, this half-hill-half land was called Dung hill, which was covered by many trees. From 1971-1972 until now, the stork returned to make many nests.

Thousands of white storks at Ngoc Nhi Hill Stork
Thousands of white storks at Ngoc Nhi Hill Stork

In the early morning and late afternoon, tens of thousands of storks cried with excitement, head stretched, stretched and fluttered, revitalizing a hill. There are many kinds of storks such as fire storks, fly storks, storks, white storks, from all directions to gather.

In the annual breeding season (from April to September) with tens of thousands of inhabitants, Ngoc Nhi stork garden becomes a giant bird island in the middle of a plain, creating a poetic setting, a tourist destination. Thai attractions located near Suoi Hai lake, Ngoc Nhi stork hill together with Bang Ta primeval forest.

Tourists are visiting Ngoc Nhi Stork Santuary
Tourists are visiting Ngoc Nhi Stork Sanctuary.


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