Dong Hoi – The best destination for tourists in Asia


Quang Binh has become an attractive destination for both domestic and foreign tourists with its spectacular natural beauty. Quang Binh is also known as the “cave kingdom” with over 300 different large and small caves,  incredible wilderness beaches and an over 700-year historic destination in the region. 


Quang Binh is a coastal province in the North Central region located in the narrowest place in the East-West direction of the S-shaped Country with charming landscapes. Its geography is narrow and sloping from the west to the east with 85% coverage of the natural hills: mountains, hills and Midland, delta, coastal sands.

It’s central location and a wide variety of adventure activities and beautiful landscapes have made Quang Binh the newest hotspot on everyone’s travel plans. Quang Binh has postcard appeal, offering beautiful forests, sea and many other landscapes that are very famous, including Ngang pass, Ly Hoa pass, Nhat Le seaport, Hac Hai, Cong Troi lagoon and Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park.

Dong Hoi city on the banks of Nhat Le dreaming river.
Dong Hoi city on the banks of Nhat Le dreaming river.

Quang Binh is also located in a diversified biology area – where there is a diverse ecosystem of plants and animals from valuable and rare genes.

The weather

Quang Binh weather is featured the tropical monsoon with two distinct seasons:

  • The dry season lasts from April to August with an average temperature of 24oC – 25oC. But temperature is highest in June, July, and August.
  • The rainy season starts from September to March of the following year. Annual rainfall is 2,000-2,300mm / year. Rainfall is concentrated in September, October, and November.

The best time for you to visit Quang Binh is dry season from the beginning of April to the end of August.

Experiences not to be missed

1. Visit Thien Duong cave (“Paradise Cave”)

Those who do not have much time or money to explore the majestic Son Doong Cave, but still want to taste the taste of giant caves? Please choose Thien Duong Cave. The beauty of Thien Duong cave is made up of giant eye-catching stalactites.

Paradise Cave - as beautiful as "heaven".
Paradise Cave – as beautiful as “heaven”.

2. Explore the deep cave

For those who like to explore, learn and bring quite a money, a trip to Son Doong cave will really be a memorable journey in life. Because it’s not like anywhere on earth. You should spend six days exploring the largest cave in the world, camp inside and admire the trees growing as well as forests in the sinking holes. Many expeditions were led by Howard or Deb Limbert, two members of the British expedition to explore this cave.

Explore the deep cave in Dong Hoi is an unforgettable experience.
Explore the deep cave in Dong Hoi is an unforgettable experience.

3. Explore the deep forest

Mr. Hai, a conservationist outside Phong Nha, often leads visitors to explore the National Park in a unique way that few people know. The trip gives you the opportunity to admire beautiful vegetation and beautiful animals in the most unique way.

Explore the deep forest in Dong Hoi.
Explore the deep forest in Dong Hoi.

4. Rest on Nhat Le beach

Only 2km from the center of Dong Hoi, Nhat Le beach is an interesting bathing place with white sand and calm sea. On the weekends, the beach is quite busy because the locals come to relax and have fun. The days of the week, the beach is quiet, empty.

Nhat Le's sand is always white, clean and smooth.
Nhat Le’s sand is always white, clean and smooth.

Which season you should travel to Quang Binh?

Which season?, certainly summer, Quang Binh as well as other places in the Central region, there are also two distinct seasons of rain and sun. You should go to Quang Binh from mid-March to the end of August to be able to examine break and enjoy the most narrow strip of Vietnamese land without having to worry about the weather. Especially avoiding storms, storms going to Quang Binh often focus on September and October. You need to see the weather forecast in advance to make a reasonable schedule.

Note a little at the beach, the average from the end of April to mid-May onwards can bathe happily.

In addition, there is a lot of information about attractive dishes, play places, hotels that we will update soon in another article. Wishing you a happy trip!.

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