Full camping experience at Ba Vi (Part 2)

Ba Vi Camping

In the previous section, we gave you ways to move from Hanoi to Ba Vi. As well as to suggest some climate features Ba Vi during the four seasons throughout the year. In this section, we will give some camping locations if you want to have an unforgettable camping experience at Ba Vi.

Camping Location

Ba Vi National Park has many places to camp with a large group. Below they will list some places that match the pros and cons of each location.

Pine forest at Ba Vi resort (house N06):

With gently sloping ground, you will easily find a spacious place to camp between pine trees close together. This place is quite quiet but there is a point except that you are not allowed to set fire here. Therefore, the pine forest is only suitable for camping in the afternoon and also very limited in the selection of food for the picnic. You can only bring bread, sausages, ready-to-eat foods. In this pine forest, you want to camp anywhere, no one will charge you. Opposite the pine forest is on the side of the Xa Huong and Ba Vi restaurants, there is a beautiful green grass field. I also see many tents set up here but do not know if there is any cost.


Private pine forest in Cactus Garden Gate:

Not as beautiful as pine forest in the resort, but you can camp overnight, be set on fire. The entrance fee is 20k / person, there is a tent rental service and campfire.


Tien Sa Lake:

Right at the beginning of Ba Vi National Park, there will be a turn into the lake. If you go straight to Thuong temple, you will see the lake surface in the distance. In the evening, Tien Sa Lake tourist area also has a campfire program so you can join in the fun.


Old French church:

Around the church, there are a number of vacant grounds that are suitable for camp. If you camp in the evening, you can camp on the way back. Because the church is on a dead end and very few vehicles pass by. However, now it seems that the pouring church is no longer being camped at night. But you can still try to “hide” and stay, no one will check in the evening. This place is quite crowded with young people so it will be noisy, and you will be hard-pressed to find an ideal camp. As my experience of camping Ba Vi, when I came here, I did not plug it right next to the church. But if I went too far, there would be a vacant yard right on the side of the road to building two tents and spread out one. canvas in the middle. Vehicles, you leave it neatly right next to the tree to make it look and preserve as well as furniture.


A number of abandoned huts on the road:

When we drove on the road there were a few abandoned huts with a large amount of concrete next to the section from the church to Thuong temple, quite suitable for camp. You can set up tents and enter tents for shelter every time it rains, your tent is waterproof.

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