Hoan Kiem Lake – Culture beauty in the heart of Hanoi

hoan kiem lake

Hanoi in thousands of years. The dreamy, peaceful beauty of Hoan Kiem Lake makes anyone want to stop for a few seconds to listen to the beating of this crowded and crowded city.

Where is the Hoan Kiem Lake?

It is located in Hoan Kiem District of Hanoi, in the center of the capital. Around here is Dinh Tien Hoang, Trang Thi, and Trang Tien – the streets associated with the city’s cultural history.

Hoan Kiem Lake is also known as Guom Lake. This name is derived from a legend called “The Guom Lake” associated with King Le Loi. Since its construction, Hoan Kiem Lake has mainly been aimed at letting Hanoi people roam, cool and enjoy cool. Trang Tien ice cream sticks, this is also a place for people to gather and watch the New years Eve’s fireworks.

People watch New Year's fireworks together at Guom Lake
People watch New Year’s fireworks together at Guom Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake is still a cultural center and a destination for many tourists whenever visiting Hanoi. The first impression of every tourist visiting Guom Lake is the Turtle Tower. It located in the middle of the large lake. The ancient and stillness of the tower makes the visitor feel like being a witness and admire Hanoi of many years ago. The impression of Hoan Kiem Lake is also the curved Huc Bridge which connects to Ngoc Son temple in a quiet and ancient way. The wooden bridge is painted with bright red that stands out among the clear blue water of the lake, making Hanoi more attractive and attractive.

The sparkling beauty of the The Huc bridge and the Ngoc Son Temple at night
The sparkling beauty of the The Huc bridge and the Ngoc Son Temple at night

Beautiful and Charming

Coming to Guom Lake, you will admire the beauty of The Pen Tower on a large stone block facing the blue sky at Ngoc Son temple gate. The ancient, gentle and exquisite beauty of Hoan Kiem LakeThe Huc BridgeNgoc Son Temple combined with the numerous flower colors of the city makes this place more beautiful and charming than ever.

The magnificent beauty of the Pen Tower
The magnificent beauty of the Pen Tower

The best time to visit Hoan Kiem Lake is in the early days of the new year. At this time, the spring flower colors are flooding around the lake, competing to bloom. Hanoi seems to be in the air of the new spring.

At the beginning of the year, it is also a chance for Ha Thanh people to go to the temple to pray for a peaceful and happy new year. You can also visit Ngoc Son temple to burn incense and pray. Certainly coming to Ngoc Son at the beginning of the year will make you feel much more peaceful and relieved. In addition to the above time, you can go to Hoan Kiem Lake in the winter mornings to see Hanoi.

Currently, at Guom Lake, there is a walking street on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday every week. You can walk here, join folk games and enjoy cool ice cream on the lake is also a great experience.

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