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Hung Vuong Festival

Hung Temple Festival is one of Vietnam’s most important holidays. This is the day when all the people are off work to remember the Hung Kings. One thing that not everyone knows where is the Hung Temple festival held? Let’s find out!

The venue for Hung temple festival

On the festival of Hung Temple, many Buddhist monks and nuns, tourists come to the place where the festival takes place to join the bustling, exciting atmosphere, witness the rituals of worship and burn incense strong.

Not only Vietnamese people but also foreign tourists are interested in the Hung Kings’ Anniversary. So many people do not know where the festival is held?

Hung Temple Festival is held at Hung Phu Tho temple. However, in some provinces and other provinces such as Can Tho, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh, … also organized.

Hung Temple located at Phu Tho Province
Hung Temple located at Phu Tho Province.

The activities at Hung king festival

The festival takes place in two parts, the ceremony, and the festival. The ceremony is the delegation of delegates conducting ceremonial offerings of solemn incense at Hung Temple. After completing the ritual, festival tourists can go to the temple to burn incense, also celebrate Buddha, ancestors, Hung Kings.

Around the Hung Temple area is the place where the festival takes place. The atmosphere is very jubilant, funny with many games bearing bold Vietnamese folk and culture that the organizers have arranged carefully.

Hung Temple Festival
Hung Temple Festival

Hung Phu Tho Temple Festival is a beautiful custom in the tradition of Vietnamese people. And from a long time in the folk consciousness, the Land of the Land has become the “holy land” of the whole country, the place of origin of the nation. Despite many ups and downs of history, the festival still takes place every year. This clearly shows the extraordinary spirit and brilliant civilization, imbued with Vietnamese national identity. People on pilgrimage to the Land of the Patriarch had no discrimination of religion. Only if they were Vietnamese, could they have the right to be proud of the eternal descendants of King Hung? Therefore, if anyone is Vietnamese if they have the heart and desire to pilgrimage to travel to Hung Temple to the Land, they can perform that legitimate wish easily and conveniently.

The Hung Temple Festival or Hung Vuong’s death anniversary is a festival gathering, praising the prosperity of the race, a symbol of community spirit.

Despite living anywhere, Vietnamese people still admire deeply about their ancestral homeland. Visitors to Hung Temple temple tourism will have the opportunity to experience a lot of interesting and meaningful games and activities. Harmony on the festival day, the feeling of each person will be free from emotion, towards a land of origin, about the people who gave birth to the country of Vietnam.

Besides, Hung Temple festival – Hung Vuong’s death anniversary is also a beauty in the spring air of the year. The festival not only keeps the spirit of Vietnamese people excited, happy and optimistic. But also contributes to moral education for the future generation of the country to remember about the country, a beautiful virtue of the nation.

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