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Huong Pagoda Festival 2019

Huong Pagoda Festival is one of the largest Buddhist festivals in northern Vietnam. Huong Pagoda, located 70 km south of Hanoi, is a land of many legends and folk literature that has been circulated throughout the Vietnamese tradition. The rituals of the Huong pagoda festival will show ritualists many aspects of Buddhist culture.

It can be said that Huong Son population is a great combination between the Creator’s work with skillful hands and human talents. The pagodas were built scattered on limestone mountains, looming under deep green forests. From the foot of the mountain to climb up and up thousands of stone cliffs, bumpy, pilgrims will burn incense at the pagoda outside, then go to Trong pagoda, go to Giai Oan pagoda, Thien Tru pagoda with Hinh Bong cave, Huong Tich cave … Every pagoda is ancient and majestic, candle lights flicker among faint, virtual smoke, creating a mysterious and sacred atmosphere. Each person came to Huong pagoda with a mood, a private wish, but the most common thing was the feeling of emptying the daily problems of everyday life, both body and soul.

Huong Son population is a great combination between the feats of Creator

Huong Son population is a great combination between the feats of Creator

Huong Son has a lot of caves but the biggest and most interesting is Huong Tich cave. Coming here, the tourists looked at the four sides, all tiredness would vanish, and the incredible excitement. Mountain coincidence, rattan coincidence. On the slopes of the mountains and in the deep valleys, the apricot flowers bloom as white as snow, the scent wafts in the spring wind. The sound of the birds chirping, the sound of the stream breaking, and the green near and far. What a beautiful picture of nature. Standing on the door of the cave, visitors relax and inhale the chest with fragrant and fresh air before walking down the cave.

Looking from the outside, the door acted like a giant dragon’s mouth wide open. The cave is deep in the mountain. The wide and flat bottom, which can hold several hundred people. Lights, flickering candles. Stalactites, stone pillars of all shapes, sparkling rainbow colors.

Huong Tich Cave attracts many visitors because of its beauty
Huong Tich Cave attracts many visitors because of its beauty.

To Huong Pagoda, visitors will be able to take a boat in Suoi Yen valley, walk or cable car. You can also climb the mountain for free viewing. If the health does not allow, this place has a cable car system that is safe and convenient for you to move.

The boat taking on Yen stream

Boat taking on Yen stream
The boat taking on Yen stream.

On the boat trip on the Yen stream, visitors have the opportunity to admire the beauty on both sides. There are rows of rice plants blooming, the stops are the temples, ancient temples on both sides such as Trinh temple, Huong Tich cave, Thien Tru pagoda, Tien Son cave.

Say goodbye to Huong Pagoda, each visitor has some things to bring back as a souvenir:  The bell tied with red thread was put on the neck for luck, the bamboo stick followed the footsteps of the journey. On the way back, visitors still wish for the holiday season next year.

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