Passionate beauty of the Quy Nhon land


Quy Nhon is the capital of Binh Dinh province – Vietnam, it is known as the capital of the Champa kingdom. Not noisy, bustling like Saigon, not splendid with Nha Trang, Quy Nhon embodies a beautiful beauty, poetic with the eye-catching beach, magnificent scenes but equally peaceful.

The Beauty of Quy Nhon
The Beauty of Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon – where there are pristine and gentle beaches

Quy Nhon Sea attracts tourists by a peaceful beauty with gentle waves. Many people compared it as a “Maldives paradise” of Vietnam. The most famous in Quy Nhon must mention the beach of Queen, Bai Dai, Bai Xep…v.v.

Sea Queen is named after the last queen of the Vietnamese feudal dynasty – Nam Phuong Queen. Like the personality and beauty of this queen, the sea of the Queen is arrogant, loving with long pebbles, lying on her side to welcome the sun and the waves.

Beautiful blue sea water at Bai Xep
Beautiful blue sea water at Bai Xep

An additional 1 km from Bai Xep is to Bai Dai ecotourism area. Features of eco-friendly beaches here are calm sea, clear blue water, smooth sandy beaches and undulating rock rapids in the waves.

Eo Gio beach is one of the beautiful straits of Binh Dinh province. This is the strait that is embraced by mountain rocks and clears the foam of the day and night. The rocky slope of all kinds of things strikes the eye feeling of poison, strange and pristine.

Eo Gio beach is one of the beautiful straits of Binh Dinh province
Eo Gio beach is one of the beautiful straits of Binh Dinh province

Tourists can see the stone blocks with strange shapes, or lie on the rocks, watching a blue sky. The feeling of the sea breeze on his face, that feeling is both peaceful and gentle. It makes anyone who no longer wants to do anything but enjoy it.

Quy Nhon Little Cake Tower

Don’t become too overwhelmed to see an impressive twin tower (named Thap Doi) in the city center. To travel to another historical site, rent a motorbike and head to the countryside to find the Little Cake Tower, another Champa tower located on a hill. It is only a 15-minute drive from the city and you will enjoy this historic site. The trip will take you through the verdant rice paddies, on gentle little rivers, and finally towards the small hill with the tower located above. Climb up to visit and get a broader view of the coast, fields, and hills behind.

An impressive named Thap Doi – Quy Nhon
An impressive named Thap Doi – Quy Nhon

Because this is a land still wild and quiet so camping-style tourism will be an extremely smart choice so you can feel the most beautiful things here.

Phuong Mai Sand Hill

Phuong Mai sandhill – an interesting tourist spot in the potential development stage with little known. It located about 20km from the center of Quy Nhon city, located right next to Nhon Ly beach.

The first feeling when putting on the Phuong Mai Peninsula, visitors attracted by the beauty is still wild, charming. Walking on sand dunes with a height of 100 m above sea level, visitors have a panoramic view of nature here.

At this altitude, visitors are spoiled for watching the sandy sand with winding sandy stretches of the whole kilometer. The newly populated poplar forests, the wind from the cool sea to create a feeling of comfort.


So hope you have an interesting trip and relaxing moments :D!.

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