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Cultural features in Vietnamese festival

Vietnamese folk songs have the phrase: “Despite being of different species, winter melons and gourds are grown on the same structure, in the same place, so they should love each other.” is the consensus of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. But each ethnic group has its own customs and traditions that make up the beauty of the national identity that no other country can replace. Follow the article to learn about these customs.

1. The custom of pulling the wife of the H’mong

The custom of pulling the wife of the H'mong
The custom of pulling the wife of the H’mong

The population of the H’mong people is the largest in Ha Giang province, about 190,000 people are home to many traditional cultural characteristics of their people. And one of the unique characteristics of the H’mong is to continue to marry.

The boys and girls in the village after learning each other but feel the mind will go to talk with their families to get married. If the two families agree, they will invite matchmakers to ask questions and carry out normal marriage procedures. And couples who are not approved by their families will have to resort to this practice. The bride and groom will ask their relatives to secretly hold a wedding ceremony for themselves but hide both sides of their parents. The boys and girls had already made an appointment, they sat and talked, the boys’ friends suddenly appeared and helped the boy drag the girl home. The boys have to bring chickens to the ceremony to allow the girl to enter the house. The custom of expressing a strong love of the couple even when it is banned by both families.

2. The custom of “bowl of stone moss soup” of Thai people

Stone moss is a specialty dish of Thai people in the Northwest mountains, Vietnam. For Thai people, this is an indispensable dish on the tray to entertain guests with sour bamboo shoots, kitchen meat and also an indispensable dish in the holidays of the people here. The usual time of moss plant is early autumn in March of the lunar month and only be used to process food for 2 to 3 days because the moss is very fast.

The dishes are made from stone moss: Stone moss soup is a moss stone after using a crushing and crushing to remove all impurities will be put into chicken broth or bone soup, when you eat, you will find it very fidgety and greasy; Grilled moss or stewed moss … are all very delicious dishes with love and nostalgia.

3. “Promising firewood” and the custom of the marriage of the Gie Trieng

The girls bring firewood to the boy's house
The girls bring firewood to the boy’s house

The girls come to the age of a boy whom I would like to marry and want to marry that person. They often go to the forest to find good and equal timber trees, dried and piggybacked at the top of the house, or in front of the yard and carefully shielded to prepare a “good day of a good month” piggyback to the son’s house. Those bundles of firewood are called the promised firewood of the Ripper. The number of firewood the girls bring to the boy’s house is usually 100 bundles. Not only to carry firewood for her husband’s family but also to her husband’s husband and sister, who have built a family and live in each family for about 20 to 30 bundles, and the mussels often make 60 to 70 birds, the mouse to entertain when the girl’s house carries firewood to her house. In addition, the groom’s family also donated clothes to the people who carried the firewood to his son’s house to change his thanks. After carrying the firewood and offering the meal, relatives of the two parties officially become “alliance”, continued to visit each other according to the customs of the Vietnamese people.

4. The custom of “fullness” around Hung Temple area

Full of prosperity is the core of Fullness Custom in Hung Vuong Temple area
Full of prosperity is the core of Fullness Custom in Hung Vuong Temple area

Every year, the spring and the second year of the villages are celebrated with the aim of praying for crops. People and children to flourish for a long-term flock, full of corn and corn (full of prosperity). It is the greatest wish of farmers to grow agriculture. The symbol of the proliferation is nuong, a male and female creature so around Hung temple. There are many villages that give birth to natural gas, the most common symbol for the traditional beliefs.

5. The custom of Pan-pie (Khèn) blew to find his partner in Sa Pa love market

Sapa love Market
Sapa love Market

If traveling to Sao Pa on the weekends, you should go to love market once. Love Market has attracted many tourists with beautiful brocade items on sale. Moreover, on these days, you will hear a very loud voice that will shake the hearts of the boys. And sometimes, Sa Pa people also use the language to entertain after the hard working days. Khèn Sa Pa is a cultural beauty of H’mong people and should be respected.

6. Customary “Cần” wine drinking


The custom of “Cần” wine drinking is common in all ethnic groups across the country. On wine festival days, keep in a large container with many small and long taps. People sit in circles and one after another drink one. When the wine in a large bottle will be poured, the water will be added. So the alcohol will have higher concentration at the beginning and gradually decrease. Wine is a sweet and fragrant wine but it does not make people drunk but remember. If once enjoyed, you will not forget the taste of this wine.

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