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Full list of Tips and Tricks when you visiting Vietnam, everything to know before your trip. This is the most useful information for foreign visitors.

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15 Mistakes that almost foreigners make when coming to Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country, with low cost of living and extremely friendly people. Especially, this is a peaceful country with a stable political background. Because of that, this is a great stopover. However, there are also many negative feedbacks...

10 Helpful tips for preparing a perfect trip (step by step guide)

I would like to invite my friends - 2 US nationals and 2 Indian nationals - to go to Vietnam as tourists.  If you go on a long vacation, many European tourists can choose to go to Indonesia, Thailand...

Hai Phong discovery – A city of red phoenix flowers

If you have plenty of time to travel to the north of Vietnam, want to visit the majestic natural scenes, or discover the unique new points of life, culture, and ethnicity. In this article, we want to mention a...

Phu Quoc tourism experience – Once read, want to go

Dubbed the "pearl island", Phu Quoc appeared as a princess in the tropical blue sea of the Gulf of Thailand. Possessing the rustic beauty of nature and good native indigenous people, it becomes the ideal destination for every long-term...


Discovering the Land of Ba Vi (Part 3)

Ba Vi National Park Located 50km from the center of the capital to the west with a fresh and cool alpine climate. Ba Vi National...