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16 Impressions of Vietnam in the heart of foreign tourists

Vietnam with natural nature is always an ideal destination for international tourists to visit, so they love to come here to admire those beautiful scenes and enjoy delicious dishes. Just past the Huffington Post page - one of the...

Dong Hoi – The best destination for tourists in Asia

Quang Binh has become an attractive destination for both domestic and foreign tourists with its spectacular natural beauty. Quang Binh is also known as the “cave kingdom” with over 300 different large and small caves,  incredible wilderness beaches and...

Hai Phong discovery – A city of red phoenix flowers

If you have plenty of time to travel to the north of Vietnam, want to visit the majestic natural scenes, or discover the unique new points of life, culture, and ethnicity. In this article, we want to mention a...

Phu Quoc tourism experience – Once read, want to go

Dubbed the "pearl island", Phu Quoc appeared as a princess in the tropical blue sea of the Gulf of Thailand. Possessing the rustic beauty of nature and good native indigenous people, it becomes the ideal destination for every long-term...
Hung Vuong Festival

Hung vuong festival (hung temple festival) – vietnamese culture of spirituality

Hung Temple Festival is one of Vietnam's most important holidays. This is the day when all the people are off work to remember the Hung Kings. One thing that not everyone knows where is the Hung Temple festival held?...
highest mountain

Top 10 highest mountains in Vietnam waiting for you to conquer

Vietnam is known as a beautiful country with many attractive landscapes, especially the majestic mountains. Above all, conquering high mountains is always a hobby and a passion for many young people. If your legs are strong, your youth is...
hoan kiem lake

Hoan Kiem Lake – Culture beauty in the heart of Hanoi

Hanoi in thousands of years. The dreamy, peaceful beauty of Hoan Kiem Lake makes anyone want to stop for a few seconds to listen to the beating of this crowded and crowded city. Where is the Hoan Kiem Lake? It is...
Huong Pagoda Festival 2019

Huong pagoda festival – Vietnamese culture beauty and spirituality

Huong Pagoda Festival is one of the largest Buddhist festivals in northern Vietnam. Huong Pagoda, located 70 km south of Hanoi, is a land of many legends and folk literature that has been circulated throughout the Vietnamese tradition. The...

Quang Ngai discovery – An attractive destination with special foods

Quang Ngai is a coastal province located in the South Central Coast, Vietnam. The Quang Ngai coastline is about 129 km long with 11,000 km² of large territorial waters and 6 estuaries which are rich in seafood resources with...

Full camping experience at Ba Vi (Part 1)

Ba Vi National Park is a place known by many domestic and foreign tourists as a green lung of Hanoi city with fresh air at an altitude of more than 1100m. Not far from Hanoi, Ba Vi has become...


Discovering the Land of Ba Vi (Part 2)

Palm-leaf conical Hat making in Ba Vi Along the Red River dike slope, Ba Vi district, Hanoi city, people will not be impressed when witnessing...