Vietnamese identity through Co Loa festival (Part 1)


Co Loa Festival is one of Vietnam’s typical festivals to commemorate the merits of King An Duong Vuong Thuc Phan, who built Co Loa Citadel. Co Loa festival takes place in Dong Anh district, Hanoi. This festival in Hanoi is not only a chance for people to commemorate the merits of heroes who have built and kept the country but also a special cultural festival with many interesting activities for everyone. relax after a year of hard work.

Co Loa relic is the place where the traditional Co Loa festival takes place .
Co Loa relic is the place where the traditional Co Loa festival takes place.

Time of Co Loa festival

Co Loa festival is held from the 6th to 16th of January every lunar year in Dong Anh commune, suburban Hanoi. It takes place to commemorate and honor King An Duong Vuong who was conferred the throne by King Hung Vuong 18.

In addition, Co Loa festival also aims to educate traditionally with profound meaning in the people with morality Drinking water to remember the source. At the same time, preserve, maintain and promote traditional cultural activities.

This is the biggest early spring festival of the year in Dong Anh and the occasion for the people in the region to enjoy spring, as well as to remember the merits of the sages who have built and kept the country.

So according to the experience when going to Hanoi. If you have the opportunity to come to the capital after Tet Holiday, tourists should not miss the opportunity to participate in this special festival.


The unique culture of Co Loa festival

Co Loa Festival includes Co Loa, Ngoai Tham, Van Thuong, Mach Trang, Cau Sam, Dai Bi, Thu Cuu, Ready. In addition, participating in the festival, there is Ha Vi village – an original village in here. However, it having to move to Ha Vi at the end of the river to give the land to King Thuc to build and was honored to be the Elder of the village.


The preparations for the festival began on the morning of the 6th when the village would hold a cultural procession from the fairy to come to the temple for sacrifice only.

As usual, the writing must be placed on the price and when 12 village chiefs come full, the ceremony will begin. At the beginning is a picture of five five-element flags. It followed by the award of a cultural price and followed the officials in the village with the following followers.


Outside the temple yard, the flags of the temple were lined up directly from the head of the village. The temple yard with the middle of the yard is the big flagpole and above it fluttering with the great flag. At the door of the temple is a pair of white horses, pink horses full of colorful saddles on both sides. On the outside is the post-bowl and the ceremony, and in the middle of the yard, there are 12 hamlets.

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