Vietnamese identity through Co Loa festival (Part 2)


Co Loa Festival is one of Vietnam’s typical festivals to commemorate the merits of King An Duong Vuong Thuc Phan, who built Co Loa Citadel. Co Loa festival takes place in Dong Anh district, Hanoi. This festival in Hanoi is not only a chance for people to commemorate the merits of heroes who have built and kept the country but also a special cultural festival with many interesting activities for everyone to relax after a year of hard work.


Major Festival

Because this is one of the major festivals in Hanoi, the ritual is prepared very elaborately. In front of the temple, there is a large project of presenting a full set of bronze ceremonies, offerings and glass boxes containing yellow shoes.

There is also a small project, on top of the top, the pair of bronze, the golden painted crossbow. After the voice of the command, Bat Xa followed the order of entering the king’s palace, first was Ha Vi village. It followed by the village of Bat Xa Loa Thanh in turn with the product of offering King.

The ceremony lasted until the time of the Horse. During the period, the officials celebrated sacrifices before the altar, the people knelt in the inner ceremony. Some items will be sent to represent the village to pray for the king to live a peaceful and prosperous life.

This opening ceremony is also a sacred memorial to An Duong Vuong – who had great merit in the process of building and keeping prehistoric countries.

After the ceremony is completed in Thuong temple, in the afternoon, the procession of the procession will take place. Each participating commune must prepare two palanquins to receive the king and the palanquin. Particularly in Co Loa, there must be more palanquin in the Phoenix to pick up the princess of Mi Chau.


For the general preparation of the village, it was necessary to select about 120 young men. Before to carry the palanquin or make 36 pairs of processions for the chess pieces. At the same time, some women held flags in the procession.

In the procession, Co Loa will be ready for each procession to burn five molds. The owner sets up the palanquin to receive the order of procession. It including fan flags, long palms, bowls, self-air, wards and voices, and mandarins followed by weapons of the king.

In a few hours, from Co Loa Temple to procession around a semicircle lake in front of Thuong temple. Then to the beginning of the village and disbanded.

Experience the traditional games in Co Loa festival

Coming to Co Loa festival, visitors from the cross not only admire the old mythical figures but also experience the unique folk games bearing the national cultural values.

Traditional games at Co Loa festival
Traditional games at Co Loa festival

And young men and women will organize many interesting folk games. It includes wrestling, swinging, climbing a rope, human flags, playing rice, cockfighting, throwing, shoot beer…v.v.

Besides, the festival also has many other strange games such as badminton, soccer, volleyball. Especially, in the evening the village will take place fireworks activities, singing songs, singing ca tru, juggle.

In the days of Co Loa festival attracts a large number of people around the region and visitors come to participate and experience the first day of the year.

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