Walking street – There is the cute “Hanoi” (Part 1)


At the present time, Hanoi Walking street around Guom lake has been gradually becoming one of the capital’s tourist attractions, a place for people to date, have fun, and slow down between crowded hustle and bustles.

Close to the shore of Hoan Kiem Lake, it is not difficult to get a portrait painting of yourself done by painting artists here. Art paintings need only about 20 minutes to half an hour to complete. Besides, if you talk to the artists who paint for you, you can also hear a lot of interesting stories from artists who have this rich soul.

Portrait Drawing on Hoan Kiem Lake
Portrait Drawing on Hoan Kiem Lake

Yearbook photography services and wedding photos

In recent days, yearbook photography services and wedding photos in Hanoi Walking street are becoming more and more popular because this place is not only beautiful, associated with many Vietnamese national icons. But also more convenient when the street now has no means of transportation. Around the lake, which is always crowded, many people often go to take pictures. Since walking the streets, people can be more free and comfortable to save beautiful moments.

Taking photos at Hanoi Walking street.
Taking photos at Hanoi Walking street.

Spacious space and does not allow traffic vehicles to travel in a certain time frame makes Hanoi Walking street a great place of skillful “patin” feet. Families often bring their children here so that they can enjoy roller skating comfortably and safely.

Free Wifi

Another reason when choosing a Walking street is a weekend stop, we can use the free Wifi system. To access this free wifi system, people and visitors can access free wifi from their smartphone or handheld device. It called “Freewifi_UBNDHANOI”.

Free Wi-Fi in the Walking Street.
Free Wi-Fi in Walking Street.

After 10 seconds of introducing the banner and the sponsor’s logo, people continue to enter their personal phone numbers and be used within 30 minutes. After the time limit on wifi will automatically disconnect. If you want to access and continue using, you just need to repeat the above steps.

Hope you have relaxation and interesting evening weekend at Hanoi Walking street!

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